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Harvesting Change Workbook: A Planning Workbook for Apple Growers

This workbook is designed as a tool to help you pull together the necessary information and ultimately create a plan that is right for you and your family. The workbook helps you use this information for business analysis, decision-making and strategic planning.

Every farm that grows fruit can benefit from using this workbook. Whether you are operating a small farm and direct-marketing fresh fruit, producing value-added products, or operating a large farm growing processing fruit, or a combination of any of these, this workbook can assist you with your planning.

Section 1: Machinery, equipment and bins

Section 2: Orchards

Section 3: Location

Section 4: Quality

Section 5: Markets

Section 6: Family, personal and business goals

Section 7: Labor (human resources)

Section 8: Involvement of others

Section 9: Balance sheet

Section 10: Income statement/profitability

Section 11: Cash flow

Section 12: Farm business performance

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