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2013 Spotted Wing Drosophila Distribution Map

Now recognized as established throughout Northeast. First detected in New York in 2011 and presumed distributed throughout New York as of 2012.

Confirmed 2013 trap captures in New York:

Counties colored white do not have traps reporting to the map. Trap catch reports update to the map within an hour. The color scheme denotes the month of the first trap catch report for that County. Oneida County (colored gray) had SWD traps in one location where, in August, the crop was harvested, SWD had not been caught, and the traps were taken down. In Steuben County (colored gray), SWD was not caught in traps, but larvae were found in fruit at the trap location. By late August, most traps in the network were taken down because sustained trap catch had been attained.

Confirmed 2013 trap captures in other states along the Atlantic seaboard:

Map from the Eastern Spotted Wing Drosophila Volunteer Monitoring Network.

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